I was watching the Golden Globe Awards this evening where Avatar movie was awarded the best movie this year. It reminded me of last year when Slumdog Millionaire swept through Golden Globe (and later the Oscars) winning almost every award in the categories it was nominated.

I had watched Avatar the week of its release in a IMAX theater here in New Jersey – with the stunning 3D effects, it was amazing.

I even tried to memorize some of the words spoken in the Pandora world.

James Cameron, the director of the movie, took almost five years to complete this movie. It also appears he has decided to invest his future in movies that are based heavily on technology such as 3D, animation, etc.

The story line is around a technology where a person can move into the body of another person and try to study the lives of the living people in Pandora. It reminded me of Vittalacharya movie where a soul moving from one body into another was directed almost sixty years ago in many of his tamil movies, just that they did not have 3D at that time.

The story involves an army moving into an outer space planet called Pandora and trying to learn about new things which will be necessary for mankind to sustain and grow. The director has carefully avoided calling the army as US Army and calls it a futuristic global army. The message is very simple and yet direct – let people live and do not thrust your weight on them. I wonder who he was referring to.

Overall, I loved the movie and would recommend it to any one who wants to see one of the best movies of the century.