Vettaikaran is Vijay’s latest movie, released yesterday. We went for Vettaikaran at Big Cinemas on Oak Tree Road in New Jersey last night as it is a long time since we watched a movie in the US. (I think the last one was Aegan).

Vettaikaran is released by Sun Pictures with Kalanidhi Maran’s name generating quite a cheer in the theatre. I am seeing a Vijay movie after a long time. I got a feeling that there were quite a few punch dialogues this time, actually there were at least two or three in each scene that Vijay shows up in.

Vettaikaran appears to be a cocktail made using scenes from previous tamil movies. The story line uses the same formula where the hero looks at another person as his hero from childhood and then grows up to meet his hero and then becomes the hero himself. Most recent ones with this formula are Satyam and Bheema.
Another old formula I have seen being used in recent movies by heroes is what I call as ‘smart proactive tactics against the bad guys’. This started from the movie Run and was successfully used in many other movies such as Kuthu, Thimiru, etc. Vijay has used the same in this movie.
As you can see, it is a copy from other movies, so I dont know if there can be any one who claims himself as the ‘Story Writer’ for this movie. May be they can call themselves as the ‘Copy Writer’.

Maybe it is me, or it is a real trend in Tamil movies, Vijay, Surya and Ajit appear to be trying to portray themselves in a way that they can readily jump into politics anytime in the near future. In this movie, Vijay kept talking social reform dialogues which we have heard many times in the past from Puratchi Thalaivar MGR, Super Star Rajinikanth as well as others like Vijayakanth, Napolean, Sarath Kumar, etc.

Anushka appears to have captured the hearts of every one with her beautiful looks, but just like any other hero oriented movies in Tamil, she is just used whenever the main story requires a break. I guess she is having brief periods of glory such as the Mobila Mobila song in Rendu, which has been agreed by many as one of the best romantic songs of this year. She does appear to be taller than Vijay and in some of the scenes the combination was looking wierd.

The songs are ok, though it might take some time to get used to them. I remember dancing for one of these songs in Pasha in Chennai last month, without knowing which movie it belongs to. Now I know, it is from Vettaikaran.

There is no role for any comedian in this movie. Wish they had made better use of the comedian, who comes as Vijay’s best friend in the movie – they just used him to let him die in the hands of the villians.

The villain is a good old villian, who first showed up in Vettri Vizha and has not changed a bit, both in his style of delivery as well as his story telling as a part of his dialogues. One guy commented in the theatre that this villain can become a professor as he was always telling stories. In addition, there are about five side villains who just come and regularly get beaten up by Vijay.

Overall Vettaikaran is a movie that might attract crowd in non-urban areas, but might not be a hit in any of the metros or even Type 2 cities. Overall, I feel it is not worth watching in a theatre, I am glad I watched it already and so will not be watching it again.

Only good thing is about the theatre that we went to. Big Cinemas is a part of the chain of movie theatres that Anil Ambani’s Reliance group initiative to help them market Indian movies in the US. It is a very good idea and definitely after Big Cinemas have taken over this theatre complex (earlier called as Movie City), the quality of this complex has improved very well – remodelled theatres, renovated interiors, new seat covers, etc. Overall it is a good change.

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