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Maatraan – Movie Review – Boring Movie

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Got a chance to see Maatraan movie, which has Surya in dual role, along with Kajal Agarwal. Maatraan is about a conjoined twins, who go through a series of life changing events.

Surya and Surya are born to a scientist-turned-businessman, who owns a top milk powder brand, which include chemicals that give temporary spurt in growth, but has disastrous long term consequences. The movie is all about how Surya uncovers the plot and punishes the bad guy – his dad!

Surya seems to have a liking towards movies with genetics. 7am Arivu was one movie with genetics and a lot of scientific explanations. Here again in Maatraan, there is genetics involved in the core plot of the movie, so I am going to call Surya, the ‘Genetics Hero’ from now on.

I dont know what is up with tamil movie directors and their affinity towards Russia. This is the third or fourth movie in tamil, that I have watched in the past few years, where the a major twist in the movie happens in Russia and our macho hero lands up there, beats all the bad guys and comes back victorious after solving the mystery.

Kajal Agarwal seems to be everywhere I look. May be I can start a Kajal Agarwal fans association as I seem to be mesmerised by her lack of acting.

The songs in the movie are nice but also very unique:

One duet song has one Surya dancing with Kajal Agarwal, while the second Surya just hangs around swimming and rowing. I have never seen a duet song before which has the hero romancing with the heroine and one more guy just hanging in there to give company 🙂 .

Another song has the words in fast forward mode, to show that it is in sync with the ballet dance that happens – as you guessed it right, it is in Russia – so it has to be a ballet and hence tamil song can have fast words to match it – see, it all makes sense when you introduce Russia into the picture.

Overall, this movie can be watched once, if you have nothing better to kill your time.

7am Arivu – Movie Review – Hopeless Movie

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Just came back from wasting three hours of my life watching this movie called 7am Arivu.

7am Arivu movie starts with Chinese martial arts – Shaolin Temple and explanation about how Bodhi Dharman, the third prince of Pallava rule travels to China, reaches Nanyang village and teaches medicine as well as martial arts to the natives there.

The first fight scene in China itself is full of unbelievable stunts (also called as ‘reel’ in tamil). Normally my mind is tuned to accepting such stunts performed in english movies or Rajini movies, but this happens to be Surya and so could not accept it. I guess the director wants to see us thinking  it is Bodhi Dharman defeating 100 people. So the benefit of doubt in this one goes to the director.


Vaaranam Aayiram – Excellent Movie

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Vaaranam Aayiram was the first Tamil Movie I watched in 2011 on New Years Day and I am glad I watched this movie.

The movie is about the story of a gentle human being, who brings up his son with all the right lessons that parents teach their kids during their life time. The movie is shot mostly as a flash back by the younger Surya, who when told about his father’s death, thinks of all the things that happened in his father’s life.

Surya plays the lead role in the movie – in fact he plays a dual role as the father as well as the son.


Aadhavan at Satyam

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

I got a chance to watch Surya’s latest movie, Aadhavan at Satyam theatre in Chennai. As I have not been to Satyam theatre in almost 10 years, and I have heard quite a lot about the changes made to these theatres in the past five years, I was looking forward to it.

Satyam theatre now has six screens and has made good changes to the place – except one – which I will disclose before the end of this post.

Surya plays the role of Aadhavan in this movie, as a sharp shooter who is on the rise in the mafia industry. He is given an assignment to shoot a judge, where he misses the target and then takes upon himself to personally finish the job. This is when Nayanthara comes into the picture as one of the members of the huge family that the judge has. This family goes to a vacation house and Surya gets in as a relative of Vadivelu, who is a cook there.

The story builds up, as expected – if you have been regularly watching tamil movies, we have seen this story in many many movies before – a guy entering a family with an intention, falling in love with a pretty girl in the family, ends up protecting the family. This plot has a slight twist towards the end which is a smart one.