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Velayudham – Movie Review – Extremely Hopeless Movie

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Just came back after Watching Velayudham at Big Cinemas here. Oh My God! The most horrible movie I have seen in a long time. I also have a few serious questions for Vijay (at the end of this blog post).

Velayudham is the masala story of a milkman trying to eradicate corruption, first unknowingly, then knowingly. This is a direct copy of Assassin’s Creed without any exceptions. The start of the movie gives a good idea of how the movie will end, but never expected the end to be the worst one I have seen in many years.

Genelia looks like a direct import from the north, with zero tamil accent – but at least her dialogues are original and she speaks exactly the way she knows it. Hansika Motwani is another heroine in this movie, who looks much bigger in size when compared to Genelia.

Vijay is introduced with just what you expect from a funny Vijay movie, without any serious story build up. The scene in the train when Vijay makes everyone eat the food cooked by his sister is the best. Santhanam comes as ‘Speed’ and is consistently excellent in the timely delivery of his dialogues. Until this point the movie is exactly what we expect from a good time pass movie.

If you are seriously thinking of watching this movie, see if you can enter into a deal with the guy at the ticket counter to sell you the ticket for half price in return for watching only till the interval – that would be the best deal you could get for this movie.

After the interval, as each scene goes, the quality of the movie goes down and down, and finally achieves the most horrible level towards the end of the movie.

WARNING: Some of the content below this might be too dramatic for many people to take. Please read at your own risk 🙂


Boss (A) Baskaran – Movie Review

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Went to Big Cinemas last night to watch Boss Engira Baskaran movie. This movie supposedly has Arya and Nayanthara in the lead role, but I would say Santhanam plays the lead role in this movie.

The story goes this way. Oh wait, there is no story, so the movie goes this way. There is one guy Arya, who is jobless and has a dont care attitude – just like our Ranbir Kapoor in Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani, Dhanush in Polladhavan and many more heroes who have been used for executing this age old formula. (May be I should start naming these formulas and see which movie fits into which formula 🙂 ). The movie has too many scenes focusing on the fact that Arya is jobless and careless guy – Hello Director, Mr.Rajesh, we get it – next time please (if there is one), please try to cut the number of times you try to help us understand old formulas.


Kanden Kadhalai at Mayajaal – Review

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

During my recent trip to India, I got a chance to go to Mayajaal complex in Chennai for the first time in my life and see a movie – Kanden Kaadhalai – a 100% pure copy of Jab We Met where Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor stole the limelight with their chemistry in that movie. Jab We Met was one movie that impressed me after a long time among Hindi movies (especially when compared to a recent disastrous one called Kameeney).

As soon as the plan was made that evening to watch Kanden Kadhalai, I was looking forward to seeing how Mayajaal is and also about seeing how Kanden Kadhalai has been remade.