The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma is one of the handful of books which are for every single person in this world! The simple concept it teaches is that every one can be a leader in what they do.


I got introduced to Robin Sharma’s books through a good friend of mine (Prem), with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I loved the way Robin Sharma presents interesting facts using a story telling approach.

The Leader Who Had No Title also follows a similar approach where Blake, a bored employee in a book store, meets his mentor, who introduces him to four different people to drive home the message – how any one can be a leader by motivating themselves today.

The background is setup in such a way that the main character in the story is a war veteran who feels like his life is going nowhere. The way in which each of the four people he meets thank him for his services for the country is impressive and completely changes the way he used to feel about his past experiences earlier.

The most interesting one is the lady, who cleans the rooms in a luxury hotel, who proudly claims that she has the best job in the world. That was an eye opener for me. It does not matter what job you do, if you do it whole heartedly, you will be able to live your life the fullest.

As usual, Robin Sharma gives four key acronyms, one from each person that Blake meets:

  • IMAGE: Innovation, Mastery, Authenticity, Guts, Ethics
  • SHINE: See clearly, Health is wealth, Inspiration matters, do not Neglect your family, Elevate your lifestyle.
  • HUMAN: Helpfulness, Understanding, Mingle, Amuse, Nurture
  • SPARK: Speak with candor, Prioritize, Adversity breeds opportunity, Respond vs React, Kudos for everyone.

In addition, Robin Sharma also makes use of the acronyms such as BIW (Best In the World), SEW (Seriously Exceptional Work), KMF (Keep Moving Forward), etc. Keeps the reader motivated and engaged 🙂

Overall, it was a wonderful experience, reading this book. How often do you get to read a book where every chapter, every page and every sentence made so much of sense.? I got that feeling while reading this book.

I took this book from my brother’s bookshelf way back in 2012, but had not read beyond the initial two chapters in the past two years – finally got a chance to read it fully. What a treasure – that has been sitting idle right in front of me all these days. I am glad I got the opportunity to benefit from it at least now.

I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in becoming the best in their field of interest (general happiness, at work, with family, etc)