The Four Hour Work Week is a very interesting book by Tim Ferris, where he helps the readers understand the details of how we can switch to a four hour work week using some of the tactics he used in life.


Tim Ferris uses a few unconventional approaches, which help us to look at life differently and based on his experience has come up with this book to guide the readers on some of the alternate options available in life to be ‘Rich’ (which he calls as New Rich)

Not sure if we can end up with a ‘Four Hour Work Week’, like the title suggests, but this book surely has many useful tips that can be used by everyone in their day to day life.

Tim Ferris groups the process into four steps:

  • Definition: This is a classic one as it helps us understand the new definition of ‘Rich’ which is directly tied to wants – goals, etc. He brings out very well the difference between absolute income and relative income with numerous examples.
  • Elimination: This is revolutionary. He helps the reader think really hard about what is required and what is not required in life and take some concrete actions around eliminating the unnecessary things in life (According to Tim, keeping up to date with daily news is also unnecessary – in that case, think of what he would say about those who spend hours on Facebook and Whatsapp!
  • Automation: This is another master class. He explains various ways in which we can automate the business and take ourselves out of the critical path of the working of the business. (As some people say, he helps the readers understand how to be on the business and not in the business).
  • Liberation: This section contains some cool tips on how to free yourself up from many ‘man made’ boundaries in the society – both at work as well as in our lifestyle.

In fact Tim suggests that we should approach this as DELA and not necessarily DEAL approach, but overall, this book is a must for all entrepreneurs, not necessarily looking for a life style like Tim, but also for those looking to optimize and enhance the productivity of their current setup.