As we moved into the new year in 2013, I took a decision to try out Samsung Galaxy Note as my primary technology device. I am happy to say that by now, I am convinced that this device takes care of almost all my technology needs.

I was an ardent fan of the Blackberry for over 12 years now and I think I have used my last blackberry!


Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a stylus that helps good old writing, rather than the typing that I have been doing for many many years now. With Swype enabled on this device, writing is as fast as it was on the blackberry.

With the amount of typing that I do on a daily basis, I was warned that with all that typing on the blackberry, it was just a matter time before which I would end up with issues with my thumb. With the swyping instead of typing now, I already feel happier with my new toy.

Another huge advantage of the Note is the high quality pictures that I am able to take – which was quite limited on my blackberry before.

Ever since touching the Note, I have not used a computer to go to any website. Though Blackberry had a browser, it was quite cumbersome to use.

The only two things that I have not yet figured out are:

1. An easy way to prepare presentations

2. An easy way to connect to remote servers (using something like putty).

If I manage to solve these two, I might not have to touch a computer again.

Overall, a very happy customer with the Samsung Galaxy Note.