Happened to come across a series of slides developed by Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of a company called HubSpot.

These slides were quite impressive, so I thought I should share it here.

It also reminded me of the Netflix presentation that was done a few years ago by the Netflix management team.

The message here is that great leaders drive companies to become great and these are good examples of the same. This is the exact message that Jim Collins spreads in his Good to Great book. These are quite inspirational topics and hence is worth sharing here.


One thought on “How To Build a Thriving Culture – Good Example”
  1. HubSpot is a company that I cotlepmely admire. They are a product of their own strategies which are used by many other companies? successfully. I read all of their literature and have been totally impressed by them and the quality and consistency of their message.Great job HubSpot. Salesforce and HubSpot are a formidable pair.

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