Happened to go to the US Consulate in Chennai earlier this week and had a wonderful experience..thought should share it here.

After the usual security check, the minute we stepped into the compound, we noticed the clean surroundings as well as the footpath, pavements, etc done very well.

As we entered the building, we were asked to be seated in a waiting area, where there were basic facilities provided. Every one was provided with a coupon number and we had to wait for our turn to meet the officials. The TV display right above us showed exactly which coupon number was to be serviced next and which counter to go to. There was a separate enclosure for taking care of babies. The power sockets were made child safe and in fact all the switches were done exactly the way it is in the US.

I guess the idea was that once a person enters the compound, they should have the exact same feeling as if they are in the US and I can vouch for the fact that they have succeeded in providing the same.

When our turn came, we were politely and clearly told exactly what to do and this experience just made us feel good.

After the job was done, we checked out the library and I was extremely happy to see the large collection of books again. (I used to go to the library in the US at least twice a week and was missing that after coming to Chennai). I became a member right away and am happy to have found this resource available for use.

Overall, the experience was amazing and when I think about it, a few things come to my mind:

  1. They just provided the basic customer service without any hype about it. It has become so rare in this world, that people have started feeling happy when provided with the basic services as promised.
  2. When you think about why such a service is not provided by the Indian Government, I am guessing this could be a reason why some people who come back to India from abroad, return to the foreign countries, to run away from this mess we are dealing with basic necessities here in India.

It would be best to learn from such experiences and see if we can accomplish it in India. That would be something, isnt it?