Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad is a bluetooth based keyboard which is connected to the iPad device, helping with the speed in typing, thus improving the productivity.

I got this last night and connected it to my iPad (original version) and the installation was quite smooth, exactly as expected from any Logitech device. This morning I connected it to iPad2 and the installation was again without any hiccups. In fact, I am typing this blog right now, using this keyboard and the speed is fantastic.


If you have been following my yearly reviews on the technology tools I use, you would have noticed that I always juggled between various devices – as a part of my search to find the right combination of devices needed to take care of my needs.

iPad is one of the primary devices in my toolset, and it travels with me every where. One thing I have realized is that the slowness in the typing on iPad has been a major limitation for my needs. This logitech device now compliments the iPad and is extremely beneficial if you require a lot of typing as a part of your daily activities.

With this combination, there is a possibility to eliminate or at least reduce a few other devices I use. Eg. I will not be depending on the desktop any more for typing my blogs. Am also going to try and see if web development can be done using this, as there is a good set of apps to handle typing as well as ftp transfers on the iPad.

Overall, quite happy right now about this new addition.