Time to write my top technology tools in 2012! It is that time of the year – a month before the year ends and I start preparing for my next year.

As I was going through my year end winding down tasks, I noticed it was time to jot down my top technology tools this year.

I started writing this in 2010 and it is interesting to see how it has changed from 2010 to 2011 to now.

As I did last year, this year also I have split my technology tools into a few sections. Here they are…


  1. Blackberry: This continues to be the one device that lives with me (yes, it has been with me from year 2000!).
  2. Netbook: This is now a standard device in my suite. In fact I got one for 135USD last year in the Thanksgiving sale, let me see if I can beat that cost this year 🙂 .
  3. iPad: This device is slowly getting on top of my priority list, as it has proven to help me do most of my work (though not all). So I have started using it more often now a days – may be in 2013, it might become my primary device, but not until it has an acceptable app for my Office needs such as document writer, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.


  1. Chrome: This has replaced Firefox as my choice of browser, just because of its speed.
  2. WordPress: This is the best online Content Management System that I am aware of.
  3. Open Office: This has come back into my top software list, after Ubuntu and Libre Office did not live up to my expectation this year.
  4. PHPBB: This is still my preferred Document Management System of choice.

External Social Media Sites:

  1. Facebook: Facebook continues to wow me, inspite of the glaring privacy concerns.
  2. Twitter: This is an excellent medium in conjunction with Facebook for business marketing needs.
  3. YouTube: Though I use it extensive, I am yet to make use of its full potential. Something to think about in 2013.
  4. Join.me: This useful site allows people to view other people’s screens easily without having to share passwords.

External Websites:

  1. TED: This site has the best short videos that are quite inspirational. I made it a point to watch one video each day and it gives me the right dose of inspiration every morning.
  2. Seth Godin: This guy is amazing. He writes one blog post each day on marketing related topics, but most of his writings are about how to do your business right – common sense, which has been long forgotten 🙂 .
  3. Webmasterworld: This site is amazing for the simple fact that its entire content is posted by webmasters who are subject matter experts. It has the most useful material for webmasters online.

Based on my thought process, I am predicting that the following tools might become a part of my necessity list in 2013:

  1. Android Phone: I already started trying it out in 2012 with Samsung Galaxy Note, and am quite impressed. If this can handle what the Blackberry, iPad and the Netbook can do today for me, I would not required any of those three devices.
  2. Mobile Application Development Tools: I am already into iPhone and Android development and am loving it. Hope to make it a standard set of tools that I will need in 2013.
  3. SMS: This is a very powerful medium in India, which I have not yet fully tapped into. This is a key technology tool I intend to make use of in 2013.

It would be quite interesting to see what your choice of technology tools are. Feel free to reply and let me know.


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