Chipotle is a Mexican fast food joint present in many locations across the US. I am a big fan of Chipotle, but for a long time it never came to my mind that I should write about my experience and love for it.

Chipotle is a very ordinary mexican chain, which might not impress many. For some reason, I am in love with the food I eat at Chipotle as they have been in consistent in making me feel satisfied after every meal I eat there.

Every time I go there, I see a queue of at least 20 people ahead of me. I always order either the vegetarian bowl or the vegetarian wrap and I have my standard set of items that go in it:

  • Tortilla wrap
  • Rice (I always ask for extra rice, as I do not have rice in my primary list of food items that I eat)
  • Vegetables
  • Black or brown beans (I dont have a preference)
  • All three spice sauces (mild, medium and hot)
  • Sour Cream
  • Corn (extra)
  • Lettuce

At the end of my order, the wrap looks like this

It gives me immense pleasure in eating it fully and then when I walk out of the restaurant, I feel really satisfied and happy. I guess this is exactly what we call as ‘satisfaction’. These guys are amazing in the fact that they make me feel happy every single time I walk in, eat and walk out of that restaurant. That is why they are my favourite place as of today.

The last time I went there was on Saturday night, when I noticed something which was slightly disturbing. They had let the water run and overflow. I really felt bad about the wastage and realized may be they should be a little more careful about it. I know how difficult it is to find water in many parts of India and was feeling bad when I saw this.

In any case, overall, Chipotle is an excellent choice from my view and I would any day be ready to go and eat there anytime. I recommend trying it out once, if you have not eaten there and if you happen to see a Chipotle near you.