I have decided to create a new section called Travel on this blog. This section will cover some of the interesting places I travel to, and also some of the interesting places I see in the movies.

Every time I see a movie and if I see a nice location (eg. New Zealand in Lord Of The Rings, MSC Cruises in Manmadhan Ambu, Kerala locations in Raavan, etc), I am very tempted to know more about the location and visit the place. I have decided to write about those spots that attract me and then if I get to visit that place, come back and write about my experiences there.

If you have any such spots in mind, do share it here. I will try my best to learn more about these locations and also try and visit that place.


One thought on “Travel Section on the blog”
  1. HI.
    4 Years Back I Visited The Place Called
    HUMPI. this place located in BELLARY DIST, karnataka state.


    This area is having a lot of stone temples,falls,and beautifull place to enjoy a lot.

    This area is a own place of KRISNADEVARAYA is One Of The famous king of karnataka.
    And also i enjoyed the MUSICAL TEMPLE IS LOCATED HERE.

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