There are two things that are always free in this world: One is giving advises to others and the second is dreaming.

I do both. While I have tried to reduce giving advises as much as possible, I have never curtailed the passion towards dreaming.

Dreams are our own, which no one else can claim ownership on, because you decide who else can know about it and when. Dreams, in pure scientific terms are our thoughts that come to us when we are in certain stages of sleep, and dreams are best experienced, when we take one step a day, each day towards accomplishing our dreams.

Many times I see something and immediately feel the need to do something. The ones in the past are:
– It is getting very difficult to get acting drivers in Chennai. So I starting thinking of an idea to solve this gap.
– I read about coming up as a competitor to Craigslist. So I started dreaming of how it can be done better for India. (I know there is, but still, there is a gap).

Given this nature of dreaming, every day I come up with a new idea or the other. I take my dreams through a validation process, using a theory I have built. I think about my ideas that I dream of, then take it to my wife and explain it to her. It takes only thirty seconds for her to tell me, without using any words, if my idea is worth – from her view. Her attention span is such that it has to be renewed every thirty seconds and she renews it only if the topic of discussion is worth it, otherwise she switches into her mode of hearing and not listening 🙂 . So every time I get an idea, I go to her and explain the idea and if the idea is worth anything, she will respond with her questions within a minute. If it is not, the idea goes to the end of my ‘Idea Godown’ pile 🙂

Have you ever thought of doing anything about converting your dreams into ideas and then into goals?



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  1. […] That evening my family treated me at a sports bar at Menlo Park Mall and it was a wonderful feeling. Though I woke up on sunday with lots of pain, it was a wonderful feeling to have accomplished a long time dream. As I always tell my close friends – dream is one of those things that doesnt cost any thing. It is one thing to dream and one thing to experience it come true – Now it is time to pursue the other dreams as I know dreams do come true […]

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