Last weekend was ‘Paradise Briyani’ weekend for me. I have now been to the one on Oak Tree Road, Route 27 and Plainsboro in New Jersey.

I have never been to the Plainsboro one before and was excited to go there on Saturday for lunch – given the fact that I had dinner at Paradise on Route 27, this should give you an idea of how much I love that place.

The name board at the place made me get a bit cautious. It was broken and appeared to be less cared about.

The Plainsboro Paradise Briyani restaurant has a lunch buffet and I was ready to try out this new one. The restaurant was quite empty at 1pm, when I was expecting it to be full – based on my earlier experiences in the other two branches.

The ambience was surprisingly nice, unlike many other Indian restaurants in the US. The interiors were well decorated and I really wish they paid a little more attention to the name board that is outside also.

There were quite a few vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties in the buffet. I tried all the vegetarian items, except the soup and in fact had two servings of each of the two desserts (mango mouse and payasam). By the time I came out of the restaurant, I was ready to take a nap 🙂

Overall, the food was ok, but for some reason I felt I did not like this one as much as I liked the other two I have been to. I think is a good restaurant and if you are in Plainsboro area, I recommend you try it out.