It is with utmost sorrow that the world came to know today about Steve Jobs succumbing to cancer.

Steve Jobs was not only the founder of a top technology firm, but also the innovator who came up with products that would become household name all over the world: IPod, IPhone, IPad…God only knows how many more would have come out if he lived longer.

Among all his speeches, the one he gave at Stanford University resonates more deeply, especially today, as he mentions about death being the motivator for his innovations. His approach to life and the advise he gives to the graduates to pursue their dreams is amazing. The video is embedded below.

Today, there is a huge vacuum created because of Steve’s death. His legacy will live on, but it will take some one with the same amount of determination to even come close to what Steve did (especially in the past 10 years).

Steve, you will be missed!