Tech Crunch is a very popular blog that is among my top five technology tools . This blog was founded by Mike Arrington, who later sold it to AOL for an unknown amount (the rumour is it was for 30 Million US Dollars).

I have read Tech Crunch every day in the past five years and in the past month there is a lot of drama happening there and Mike Arrington now writes on his own blog called Uncrunched. I have started reading Uncrunched now and it might replace Tech Crunch in my this year’s top technology tools list.

Mike Arrington has always impressed me (and many other readers in the world) with his no-nonsense approach. Though Mike has made a good amount in the sale of Tech Crunch, the power of his control over the masses will be evident in the next few months. He has now started blogging on UnCrunched and I see Uncrunched in 4000 range in Alexa ratings. Meawhile, Tech Crunch which has a Alexa rating of around 200, is beginning to come down recently. I think in a month or two, as Mike continues to post on UnCrunched, we can see the picture.

Source: Alexa Website

I could not avoid smiling when I read this section of my post on AOL buying TechCrunch today, where I had written about the fact that Mike is a big fan of ‘Editorial Independence’, etc and I wanted to wait and see how it turns out. Now we all know where it is.

I am predicting the following before the end of the year if Mike continues to post on Uncrunched almost every day, I am expecting both the sites to be in 1000 to 2000 Alexa ranking before the end of the year. I will be tracking this closely and will blog again at the end of this year, to see how close or far off I am from this prediction.

If Mike’s blog was a publicly traded company, this would have been a stock that I would recommend every one to buy today 🙂