Since I have to be in New York downtown area for the next four days, I tried venturing out this afternoon to locate an Indian restaurant where I can have my lunch and also write a review on.

I found Bombay, a restaurant that was off Broad Street and it has a good outside view which prompted me to try it out right away.

I went in and realized it was a sort of ‘self-service’ – similar to Subway or McDonalds. I noticed quite a few good items in the menu board and so decided to try the Vegetarian Bowl that comes with two vegetarian dishes and fried rice. It reminded me of the Chipotle Bowl which is also one of my favourites.

I got the Mixed Vegetable Curry along with my all time favourite Okra Masala.

The mixed vegetable curry was a bit spicy, but definitely tasty. I enjoyed eating it, may be because it also had a tinge of sweetness with it (may be because of the tomato base).

Okra Masala was perfectly as how would want it to be. I found it to be a perfect combination with my fried rice and mixed vegetable curry.

I also happened to notice the good old Thums Up and Limca bottles, though they appeared to be slightly bigger than the last time I saw them.

The ambience at Bombay restaurant is really good and I think I like this place a lot. This is an ideal restaurant for quickly going in for a tasty grab of Indian food, getting it in no time, eating it right away and getting out of there.

Overall it was a very nice experience and I recommend you to try it out if you are near the Wall St. area of New York anytime.


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