This blog is on the topic of getting fit and staying fit. I would like to invite anyone reading this blog for an open challenge to see if you can get yourself fit before the end of the year, so that we can go into the new year and stay fit.

Usually people come up with new year resolutions that they want to start working on once into the new year. I do it slightly differently. I take resolutions with the New Year as the deadline. If you are ready for it, prove it to yourself that you will be fit before the end of this year so that you will go into New Year as a healthy and fit person.

btw, if you feel you are already fit, you can ignore this blog as it is only for people like me who feel we can do better.

As we all know, ‘Getting fit’ or ‘staying fit’ is a very general term and it is subject to interpretations. Each person should define their own interpretation of staying fit and see if they can reach their goal.

My definition of staying fit means being able to actively do what I want when I want. The effects of these are so good that they keep me energetic and motivated in anything I do throughout the day.

Some of my signs of being fit are:
– Ability to run three miles (about five kilometers)
– Ability to swim ten laps non stop
– Ability to do 100 pushups
– Ability to do 50 ab crunches
– Ability to do 1000 skipping jumps (known as Jump Rope routine in the US)

I am hoping to do these before the end of the year. Just to clarify I hope to be able to do one or more of these in any given day and not necessarily do all of them in one day.

Some of the ways of achieving this are:
– Sleeping eight hours a day
– Going to the gym daily (not necessarily doing the same routines every day)
– Eating healthy
– Meditation for 15 minutes each day
– Reading good books before going to bed
– Praying twice a day

Please note that some of my definitions might sound ridiculous to you and might also appear unrelated. As I said before, each person is free to decide what ‘Getting Fit’ and ‘Staying Fit’ means for them and do what they believe is required to accomplish it.

Also, please note that the above routines are not supposed to be done on day one. Practice and consistency is the key to achieving this.

I am ready for this challenge. Are you?


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