Went to Paradise Briyani Pointe at Oak Tree Road for dinner on friday night. By the time we decided on friday night to go to for dinner to Paradise Briyani Pointe, it was almost 9pm and we were six of us. Since it was a long weekend, we were ok to wait before we get seated. To our surprise, we got our table right away and we started our ordering spree 🙂

I started with my usual Gobi Manchurian, along with which we also placed an order of Chicken 65. Both the items turned out be very spicy, I guess if we do not say what the spice level should be, the food comes with full spice level.

We then ordered chicken briyani, prawn briyani and chicken fried rice. Chicken fried rice and Gobi Manchurian combination reminded us of the typical Indo Chinese food that we used to have back in India.

The chicken briyani was ok, not up to the mark expected at Paradise Briyani Pointe. The quantity was quite a lot but definitely not the quality that has always led us to this place.

Prawn briyani had all the prawns deep fried and were quite tasty. This was consistent with how it used to be in the past.

Overall it was an average experience at the Oak Tree Road branch and it makes us think if the New Brunswick branch is better than this one.