We went to Point Pleasant beach yesterday after a long gap and on our way back decided to go to Penang Malaysian restaurant for dinner.

Penang is a nice restaurant on Old Post Road, to which I have been to once a year, almost every year. I was very happy to visit this restaurant again as their Roti Canai and Roti Telur always remind me of the Indian Parota Kurma and the Egg Parota.

My appetizer order included the Roti Canai and Roti Telur, which I can always eat – any number of times – this is what happens when you go to too many flood light cricket and badminton matches when you are young and eat on the road side almost every night in different places in India 🙂 . These two dishes remind me always of those memorable days of my life in Chennai.

I also tried the vegetable spring rolls which did have a slightly unknown taste. Did not like it that much.

I ordered something called Kari Sayur, which was described as mixed vegetable served in a clay pot with spicy curry broth. Though I did not see the clay pot,

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw almost all the vegetables I am aware of, inside my dish. It also came with a ‘huge’ bowl of rice, which I thought would be sufficient for an entire family. Since I love vegetables, I really enjoyed this dish and will recommend this to anyone who is not looking for spicy, salty Indian style sambhar, but for one with lots of vegetables in it.

We also ordered Shrimp Fried Rice and Chilli Chicken, which I heard were tasty too. I guess the fact that Indo-Chinese, Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines are close enough to Indian cuisines and that is why people from India love the food from these cuisines.

When Singapore Fried Noodles were ordered from the menu, that is when I could not help wondering how Indians go to Malaysian Restaurant in America and like to eat Singapore noodles. I am sure there is no dish in singapore called ‘singapore noodles’ and it is made up by others. (btw, did you know fortune cookies that we get in all chinese restaurants are not even available in any chinese restaurant in China? If you cant believe that, how about this: In India, we get a dish called ‘American Chopsee’, I have not see this dish anywhere in America!! )

Overall it was a good experience and if you are in Edison area in New Jersey, I would recommend you give Penang a try.