Politicians of India is a term I want to use to refer to a series of blogs I intend to write about each and every politician in India, that I am aware of.

There is a general mindset among Indians that most of the politicians are corrupt, but we also believe that there are certain exceptions. While any good action by any politician can be debated to have a hidden agenda with personal benefit for the politician, the premise of the blogs here is that all politicians are innocent until proven guilty and we will give them the benefit of doubt – and let the legal system decide if they are corrupt. I know some of the comments that will come claiming that the legal system is dead, the entire chain is corrupted, etc. We can all keep cribbing about it, but that will take us nowhere.

The point of the blog is to understand the good things that Politicians Of India have done, study the complaints that come into the MPMLA website about each elected representative as well as the other politicians and see if they do anything to fix the issues.

I am sure the elected representatives will agree that they are our representative and have volunteered to work for us, to improve our constituencies from where we have elected them.

These blogs tend to be very subjective and are bound to be controversial, but it is definitely better than doing nothing. So this effort. Lets see where it goes.

By the way, Politicians of India has a funny acronym, POI, which in tamil means lie. This was definitely a coincidence and was in no way intended to make fun of our politicians. Thought that disclaimer ahead of time will be useful.