Note: This is a personal blog and some of you might not find anything interesting as it is all about me in this one!!

Also forgot to thank the Super power looking over me and helping me accomplish my dreams. Thank you!

I have been playing cricket from a very young age, just like most of the other kids born in India. Ever since the days of Sunil Gavaskar, Viv Richards, etc and watching them on TV, it was a long time dream to see how it feels to score a century in a tournament.

This weekend this dream came true…..when I scored 102 not out in a 20 over game to help my side win the match. By the way, I only play tennis ball cricket, so just want to make sure you do not start thinking it is with the real cricket ball – but this one too, we play with hard tennis ball and it can equally hurt if you get hit 🙂

While in India, I had played for Madipakkam Cricket Club (we call it MCC, nice one right?) for over 20 years and all our tournaments were 8 or 10 or 12 overs a side until the finals. The finals used to be for 16 overs. Though I was the opener for MCC, it was very difficult to score even 50 and only twice in my entire career for MCC that I managed to score 50+ runs.

Here in the US, the matches are either 16 overs or 20 overs and I have been playing the tournaments for Maxnet CC (just realized this also can be called MCC 🙂 ) for almost 10 years now. Twice before (once last year and once in 2007) I had scored 50s, but little did I imagine that 17th July 2010 would be a memorable day for me to remember as God helped me accomplish this long time dream.

We played against a team from Plainsboro at their ground and they elected to bat first and scored 124 in 20 overs. We started our chase, I opened the innings and was fortunate to score 102 and also remain not out till the end. It was one memorable innings for me as now I know how it feels to score a century. Sachin Tendulkar has scored over 100 of those at a much more tougher level of competition and it gives a perspective of why he is considered one of the best in cricket history.

That evening my family treated me at a sports bar at Menlo Park Mall and it was a wonderful feeling. Though I woke up on sunday with lots of pain, it was a wonderful feeling to have accomplished a long time dream. As I always tell my close friends – dream is one of those things that doesnt cost any thing. It is one thing to dream and one thing to experience it come true – Now it is time to pursue the other dreams as I know dreams do come true 🙂

Thanks for reading till here and do let me know when any of your dreams come true.

For those interested in knowing the scores and details, please click here for the match statistics.


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