I have been to Spice Palace three times before, last night we tried their take out for the first time.

The briyani at Spice Palace is supposedly good and hence we decided to take out their Chicken Briyani (not the Hyderabadi Style Dum Briyani, but their other Chicken Briyani – yes, they have two varieties). I also ordered other items such as Chicken 65 (my son’s favourite) and also Pesarattu and Gobi Manchurian for myself.

It was an interesting experience – not the actual food itself – but the way I got the items.

I went into the restaurant and was waiting behind someone who was there to collect their food. While I was waiting patiently, I noticed another lady came and stood behind me and I guess she was also waiting to get her take out items. As soon as the person in front of me was done, the guy at the counter, saw right through me (as though I never existed) and asked the lady about what her order items were and started taking care of her items. After she left, luckily I was the only one left and they some how noticed my presence in front of them, and took care of me. I was wondering how it would have been if it was one of my friends in my place there. They would have made sure the staff at the restaurant know how to handle customers on a first in first out basis.

They did not have Pesarattu and I guess they replaced it with special dosa. I took all the items and came back home. My son loved his Chicken 65 while I did not like the Gobi Manchurian much – I have always felt their Gobi Manchurian is slightly coloured more than usual – not sure why. The dosa was ok, not bad. Radhika also liked her Chicken Briyani.

Overall, it was a ok exprience with the food, but not so good experience with their customer service.