In the recent times, I have noticed many people adding a footer line in their emails saying ‘Think Before You Print – Save The Trees’.

Whenever I see this line, the only thing that comes to my mind is: If this person cares so much about trees, I am sure they must also care about other living beings such as animals, fish, etc.

Yes, you are right in your thinking about where I am going with this. I really wonder if these so called ‘Save The Trees’ campaigners will go to the extent of giving up eating non-vegetarian dishes, so that they can also ‘Save Living Beings’.

I know this topic has been quite controversial for many years now, with no one being able to clearly distinguish and say what is ‘vegetarian’ and what is not. I understand each person has their own definition – some people start debating that cheese and other milk products must also be added to ‘non-vegetarian’ items, etc. The best definition I have liked so far is from my friend who, while ordering food, defines to the waiter in the restaurant ‘If it ever had a mama or a papa, it is a non-vegetarian dish and I dont want it.’

In any case, the distinction is not very clear, but there is a Lowest Common Denominator based on all the interpretations. Going back to the original topic of this discussion, I really wish people who are trying to save the trees by thinking before printing also try to save some living beings by thinking before eating non-vegetarian dishes.