Some of my friends wanted to go out to Nanking in Piscataway, New Jersey and so we decided to go there yesterday for lunch. I had been to Nanking many times before but for some reason, I had not gone there for over six months now.

Nanking is very famous for its Indo-Chinese food done, the Indo-Chinese way as known in India. For this reason, any one who has eaten Indo-Chinese food in India, will have an appreciation for Nanking as I have not see any other restaurant even come close enough in taste to Nanking.

At Nanking, no matter which time of the day you go, you will realize that it is crowded. I highly recommend any one planning to go there to make a reservation ahead of time.

Nanking has a fixed price lunch on weekdays which comes with a soup and a drink included, along with any entree of our choice. They have over 25 entrees to choose from.

Nanking Sweet Corn Soup Nanking Sweet Corn Soup


My favourite soup has always been sweet corn veg soup and I was glad they had it as a part of their soup items. It was wierd though that they only had one vegetarian soup and one non-vegetarian soup, hot and sour chicken soup. In any case, I loved the sweet corn veg soup – I also remembered to take a photo before I started tasting it.

Since the main course was going to take time, we asked the waiter about other appetizer dishes that we could order and eat while we wait. We ordered a Vegetarian Chilli Panneer and a Crispy Pan Fried Dry Chilli Chicken dish as appetizers (as half of us were vegetarians and other half was non vegetarians). As we were six of us, these appetizers vanished in no time.

For my main course, I ordered Manchurian gravy with white rice. It took forever to come, but it was worth all the wait. The dish was made perfectly to my taste and had the right spice levels added to it. I finished eating it in no time.

My friends ordered various other dishes such as the American Chopsee, chicken, shrimp etc, but all of them had a consistent remark, that their food was too sweet than expected.  In any case, at Nanking, I have always had my food cooked (both during lunch and during dinner) to the right flavour and spice level as I have expected.

Though I Went to Nanking after a long time, I realized it is one restaurant that has consistently maintained its standards over a period of time. Will definitely recommend Nanking to any one who is looking to go to a restaurant in Piscataway area.