We went to Atlantic City on Christmas day and since it was quite cold, we were in a mood for hot and spicy food. So we decided to go to Anjappar in North Brunswick.

I went there a few months back and was impressed with their growth this time. They used to have a very small place with tables placed very close to each other. Now they have expanded well by extending to the space next to their original place. We were seated in the new hall and it looked big and the seats were well spaced apart from each other.

Since we were eight of us, we ordered nine or ten items.

We ordered Chicken 65, Pakoda and Gobi Manchurian for appetizers.

Since I prefer vegetarian, I tried the Pakoda and Gobi Manchurian. Pakoda was so tasty that we ordered one more of the same. Gobi Manchurian was ok, but not as good as the Pakoda. I used to eat a lot of Pakoda when in Chennai and was telling others that normally Pakoda is made from old left over oil, after it has been used for other dishes once or twice. But this one was really made from fresh oil and we could see it from the look and the taste of it.

For the main course, we ordered chicken briyani, shrimp briyani, kheema parota, kothu parota and tomato-onion oothappam.

Radhika loves Chicken Briyani and so she went in right for it. She normally eats spicy food, but she was also complaining to me that it was spicy. We also ordered Shrimp Briyani and I heard the same complaint – very tasty but very spicy.

Shrimp briyani was also good and I heard Kheema parota and kothu parota were fine too. btw, not sure why they said when we were ordering the food that all parotas except the kheema and kothu parota were finished!

In any case, I ate the Tomato-Onion Oothappam as I have always liked items with tomato and onion in it. I enjoyed eating the oothappam but the side dishes were very very spicy and I could not eat them much.

One thing that was consistent in Anjappar was their spice level. It was so hot that every one was on the verge of crying. I was craving for anything sweet that I could get hold of. We quickly ordered Malai Kulfi and Gulab Jaamun for dessert.

Malai Kulfi was really tasty and so we ordered one more of it. Same thing with Gulab Jamun – it was ok, not sure if it was because of the spicy food we had earlier or some other reason. In any case, we felt it would taste better with Vanilla ice cream and ordered for the ice cream. By the time the ice cream arrived, we had finished the Gulab Jamun and so we ordered one more of it. We did end up finishing the ice cream also very quickly but then decided not to go for another one as we realized it will become a never ending cycle 🙂

Overall, it was a good dinner, could have been better if the spice level was a bit lesser than what we got. In any case, will recommend Anjappar to anyone in the New Jersey area, looking for a good Tamil Nadu style spicy food.