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Self Parking Slippers and Chairs – Remarkable

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

I came across this interesting article about self parking slippers in the newspaper today. My curiosity level went up when I realized it was from Nissan as a good friend of mine, Tony, is deeply involved in the thick of actions in technology there.

When I pinged him on this, he directed me to a post he had made on this topic a few days back, which led me to wealth of information on this topic, which is remarkable.

Self Parking Slippers

Self Parking Slippers

Nissan had taken this initiative to showcase to people about their ProAssist technology.  When you watch this video about the self parking slippers, you will be fascinated by it.

As I continued to watch this, I got to learn about ProPilot Chair, which shows how the same technology was used in a proof of concept for self parking chairs to make queueing system easy so that people do not have to stand up and sit down in a queue as they move ahead.

Due to their connected videos on this topic, I got a chance to learn about the self parking slippers, chairs, cushions, tables and even mats, a proof of concept done by Nissan to show case the technology behind their self parking cars.

The simplicity with which Nissan has explained the robustness of their ProAssist technology is remarkable, as it helps people relate to their day to day experiences and can imagine how exactly the same technology is available in the Self Parking vehicles coming from Nissan. Hats off to Tony and team at Nissan for this amazing way of explaining to the common man. This is a classic example of how you explain serious technology to common folks. This is an important lesson to learn from, for everyone involved in creating new technology to solve real world needs.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Classic Viral Marketing Example

Monday, August 18th, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a classic viral marketing example that has to be studied by any one interested in marketing.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge involves dumping a bucket of ice on yourself to show your support to the spread the awareness about ALS. ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive neuro-degenerative disease that affects the brain cells.

Here is a video of taking this challenge by technology genius, Bill Gates, showing his skills in creativity while taking the challenge.


There are quite a few reasons why I think ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a classic viral marketing technique that has to be studied in depth by any one interested in marketing.


The most important fact is that ALS Ice Bucket Challenge follows the classic SMART goals used in Project Management at various levels.

Parkinsonsvoice – check Parkinsons by making a phone call

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

I came across this interesting TED talk about how a person named Max Little is attempting to make it easy for early detection of Parkinson’s Disease, by allowing people to make a phone call and take a three minute test. The website to go to for this is .

This test aims at collecting about 10,000 samples and then using simple data mining techniques will identify the presence of Parkinson’s Disease and its stage in a person, based on the patterns identified in the samples that are collected.

I took this test and was impressed by the simplicity of the test – simplicity is one of the keys of very successful initiatives.

The test involves saying out your name, then saying a few short sentences and also making some funny sounds such as aaaaaaa, ooooooooooo, eeeeeeeee, etc. 🙂 . The idea here is to capture the vibrations of the vocal chords and see if they show signs of healthy ones or otherwise.

This video is quite thought provoking and made me think about a few ideas related to this:

  1. Currently this test is only available in nine countries (as of 1-Dec-2012) and that makes it quite limiting. This test can actually be enabled to be available directly on the website, thus allowing this to be available all over the world via the internet.
  2. This approach is so amazing and simple that the same process can be applied to many other fields in medical sciences and the results can be used to help detect diseases quite early.

Adding this to my Idea Godown 🙂 . Will update here on this topic if I make progress with this one.

My 2013 New Year Resolution – Get Fit and Stay Fit – yet again

Monday, November 19th, 2012

I have the habit of getting setting up my new year resolutions ahead of time. I just realized that it was time to think of my new year resolution and guess what, I have not changed my new year resolution for three consecutive years.

This year again, it is ‘Get Fit and Stay Fit’. If you are interested in knowing about the details of this, reading my blog post two years ago, should help.

Does this mean, I have not been able to accomplish my resolutions in the past two years? I am not sure. In the past two years, I came up with a million excuses as to why I was not exercising consistently (I am sure many of you can relate to this).

This year, I intend to focus on this 100% and may be I should try and provide an update here every month about it. If any one of you wishes to participate in getting fit and staying fit, and updating here regularly, please feel free to reply to this post.

New Year Resolution Reminder – Get Fit and Stay Fit

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

My resolution for this year is also the same: Get Fit and Stay Fit. (I know I try to take my resolutions ahead of time).

I remember writing a blog about this topic last year, to Get Fit and Stay Fit.

I am not sure if the list of tasks recommended in the above link might be the right ones for you, but please try to modify the list of tasks to what suits your needs, but the key is to Get Fit and Stay Fit.

Let me know how it goes.

Brushing you teeth after breakfast?

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Went with my son for his semi-annual dental checkup and I learnt an interesting thing from his dentist.

We are used to brushing our teeth once in the morning (I have the habit of doing it as soon as I wake up) and once before going to bed.

The dentist gave a new suggestion that we should brush our teeth once after breakfast and once before going to bed at night. I was initially puzzled by this thought as I could not imagine how someone could have their breakfast without brushing their teeth in the morning. As I started thinking more about it, a few interesting thoughts came up, which tend to support the dentists reasoning behind this new suggestion.


My 21 Food Items That I Eat

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

In the past few days, I have been living alone here and many people have curiously asked me how I am managing my food. While I try to explain to them the new food experiment I have started, the way I have changed my food habits and why, I felt it would be easier, if I write about it and refer to it, during any such conversations.

I am now living off food items that I love to eat. At this point of time, it looks like this.

I took an inventory of what I eat and realized that I survive on 21 items – 21 items only – of course, it includes water and hence I depend on 20 food varieties on a day to day basis.

Here is the split up:


Determination and Courage

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Every morning, on my way to the swimming pool, I pass through a hallway which has some interesting quotes.

There are two of these which have always caught my attention:

Determination and Courage – The quotes around these are memorable.

I am not sure if the quality of the picture is good enough, but you can click on the image to see the exact wordings, in any case I am giving it here for easy reference.

The one on determination says:

The race is not always to the swift… but to those who keep on running

The one on courage says:

In the end, the only people who fail are those who dont try

I thought they are worthy of sharing here – hope you like it.

New Year Resolution – Get Fit and Stay Fit

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

This blog is on the topic of getting fit and staying fit. I would like to invite anyone reading this blog for an open challenge to see if you can get yourself fit before the end of the year, so that we can go into the new year and stay fit.

Usually people come up with new year resolutions that they want to start working on once into the new year. I do it slightly differently. I take resolutions with the New Year as the deadline. If you are ready for it, prove it to yourself that you will be fit before the end of this year so that you will go into New Year as a healthy and fit person.

btw, if you feel you are already fit, you can ignore this blog as it is only for people like me who feel we can do better.


Calorie – Activity Mapping and Categories

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

While returning from my son’s weekly swimming class, we could not help notice a board at the swimming pool which had a chart with a map of calories burnt by activity for 30 minutes and also for 60 minutes.

To make it easier to understand, I have separated the common activities into three types: