Can you suggest a few good books for me?

January 21st, 2014 · 1 Comment · Books

I have come to realize that everything I read can be grouped into two:

– Technology
– Non Technology.

While the technology reading comes from various mediums (books, pdfs, online tutorials, forums, etc), the non-technology reading is primarily in the form of printed books (holding them in your hand and reading them itself is something).


In this post, I am looking for help in the form of suggestions for new non-technology books that I can try and read.

Here are some of my favourite authors and some of the non-technology books that I have read in the past.

  • Robin Sharma (All books)
  • Seth Godin (All books)
  • Abdul Kalam (All books)
  • Rhonda Bryne (All books)
  • Jim Collins (Good to Great and Built to Last)
  • Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager, Gung Ho, etc)
  • Spencer Johnson (Who Moved My Cheese)
  • Bill Gates (Business at the Speed of Thought)
  • Jack Welch (Straight from the Gut)
  • Sun Tzu (The Art Of War)
  • Mahatma Gandhi (My Experiments With Truth)

Some of the books that are in my pending list are:

  • Al Ries (Focus)
  • Steven Covey (Seven Habits)
  • Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now)
  • Joseph Murphy (The Power of your Subconscious Mind)
  • Religious Books (Bhagavat Gita, Koran, etc)

I am guessing you should be able to understand my reading interests based on these books.

If you can suggest good authors I might have missed, or books worth investing the time in 2014, I will be thankful to you.

Also, if you are looking for titles of good books to read, it might be worth trying one or more of the above authors.


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