I had already read a book called The One Minute Manager by Dr.Spencer Johnson and hence was quite thrilled when I picked up this book called Who Moved My Cheese. I have got quite a few recommendations in the past about this book and hence was happy to read Who Moved My Cheese.


Who Moved My Cheese revolves around a simple concept – Embrace Change – explained using a story built around four characters, Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw.

The one thing that people are most scared of is CHANGE – why? because we get quite comfortable the way things are and do not want to get into a new, unknown territory which might involve risks, alterations to the status quo, change of rules, etc. So we try to be happy where we are, doing what we always do, but when change is forced upon us (eg. when someone loses their job or a new boss comes in and introduces new rules, when a medical condition is detected etc) we try to fight back and refuse to accept the change. This book explains in very simple terms, how we can easily go with the flow, adapt to the new situation, embrace it and win.

This is a must read for every single person who wants to take control over the one constant that we come across in every one’s life – Change.