A poor boy from a village, who only studied till 8th grade, went to the office of a top politician in the city, looking for a job to join them as a helper for bringing tea/coffee, cleaning the tables, etc. This was the head office of the party which had about 10 people in the office, including the top politician.


The young boy was interviewed by two key members of the inner circle of the political leader who asked him the usual questions such as where he comes from, what he has studied, what his parents do, etc etc.

They decided to appoint him and gave him the usual lecture such as:

  • Your monthly salary will be Rs.3000/-
  • You should be up by 5am and work till 11pm every day.
  • You have to work 6 full days and 1/2 a day on Sunday – and use the remaining half a day to enjoy your life!
  • You should wipe the tables, bring coffee/tea/snacks, etc
  • Always keep your head down and give respect to every one
  • Blah, blah, blah

At the end of the interview, they said he was appointed and he can come and join work the very next day.

At this point, when the young boy was about to leave, one of the key members in the interview team said ‘One last thing’. The boy stopped and looked at him at which point this key member said:

If at any time we come to know that you have built arrogance or ego over the fact that you are the most educated person in this office, you will be sent home immediately!