There was an article today in The Hindu where Amitabh Bachchan had come up with a remark that he hates India being called a developing nation – instead he prefers to call it a developed nation.

Emotional remarks are well suited for reel life, while in real life facts and data speaks.

Here are some reasons why I believe India is not a developed nation. This was written over two years ago, but each point still holds good.

Talking about our population being on our side due to the vast expansion in service sector, due to outsourcing, is temporary. Please wait till our salary rates catch up with the rates of the other nations, when the same outsourcing will continue to move towards other countries like Phillipines, Bangaldesh, etc (which has already started happening).

In the second half of the article he talks about movies and how people are judged, it appears he forgets the fact that Indian entertainment business has always boomed due to demand from Indians and never from non-Indians. Not sure who in India thinks they are an international star, the reality is no one from India is an international star, they are great artists well recognized by the Indian audience.


One thought on “Amitabh says India is a Developed Nation – No Way”
  1. Very interesting perspective – you can see this from both sides of the globe. The idea that eventually, once salaries rise, India will have it’s own out-sourcing issues, is thought provoking.

    I do hope people and the government find hard improve woman’s right – Human rights – or India will have the actions of a few depraved individuals (and all countries have them) speak to the world for the entire nation.

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