I got a chance to read a few chapters of this amazing book called ‘Super Learning’ by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Shroeder.

This book talks about how each one of us is capable of performing at five to ten times our current potential (Eg. Students can get 30% to 60% more marks than what they are getting now, atheletes can perform much better, etc).

It appears to have been implemented for over thirty years in European countries and is starting to get popular elsewhere.

One chapter I read right away was about how this helps children improve their learning skills. Some of the techniques are what I have heard before (such as listening to the exact content, then meditating on it, etc).

I was surprised to know that this book has been in existence for over thirty years now and yet has not become as popular as I would have expected it to be.

I intend to read it from front to back as soon as I complete The Magic book – which by the way, is another amazing book I highly recommend.