This is the final part of a three part series written based on the rumours that were going on in the past two weeks in India.
The 20th of August has come and gone. Chennai is as peaceful as ever. There are a few side effects of this event, affecting different kinds of people. Trying to analyze them from my view.

Side Effects

1. Local Businesses In Chennai:

For the next month or two, restaurants, security agencies and hair salons, etc will see a crunch in the number of helpers available as such establishments were hugely dependent upon people from North East for such help. I believe the workers will start returning when they see their bank balances dry up and lack of employment opportunities.

2. SMS Operators in India:

At this point in time, there is a ban on bulk SMS and the limit is five SMSes per day per number. This is a major limitation which affects many businesses in India that are based purely on SMS. I hope this is temporary and this ban will be lifted sometime soon.

3. Government’s view of Social Networking Sites:

The Government of India already feels they do not have enough control over Social Networking sites. This was quite visible when they tried to block the top social networking sites run by Google, Yahoo, etc. As always, the lawyers representing these sites took care of the situation going by the law in India (I wonder if someone has written a book on all the loopholes in Indian law!).

Now I see more and more voices (mainly the politicians who are not tech savvy) claiming that there should be more control over the social networking sites. I would not be surprised if they claim complete control over it soon.