I had read about this book called Rajini’s Punchtantra which speaks about business and life management – The Rajinikanth way! I was always curious to know how Rajini’s punch dialogues were interpreted in this book. Got a chance to read this book earlier this week.

Overall, the book lists 30 top punch dialogues from Rajini movies. This book is written by two authors, P.C.Balasubramanian and Raja Krishnamoorthy. It appears both of them have built corporate organizations and hence I am guessing are quite well versed in the usual corporate jargon. Another notable fact is that both of them are Rajini fans.

I am a big Rajini fan myself and still respect him for his renowned humbleness. While I was a little boy, I was fascinated by his dialogues and actions, just like most of the kids of my age in Rajini era. Now that I am not a kid any more, though my interest in Rajini movies has not gone down, I tried to read this book from my usual approach – try to learn something from it.

The authors have made a deliberate attempt to study the dialogues in detail and also provide references to other popular management experts such as Stephen Covey and Jack Welsh. Some of the explanations are also fantastic.

Overall, the dialogues are awesome to listen to in the movie, but the interpretations with reference to the dialogues are far from satisfactory, as they seem to be twisted to make the dialogue sound more valuable than what they were intended for in the movie. So I did not really like the interpretations as much as I loved the dialogues.

I learnt that this book can be best liked if you are a Rajini fan already and have watched his movies. It might be very difficult for any one else who has heard about Rajini to comprehend based on the interpretations. I think it would be impossible for people who have not heard of Rajini to have any interest in the book.

Overall, if you are a Rajini fan, I recommend you read this book, if not for anything, but just for the fact that Rajini fans should get a kick out of this book. If not, I do not recommend this book – it might just be a repeat of other management books you would have read in the past.