I love to go to movies, restaurants and stadiums. Many times I have noticed that it becomes really difficult to remember where I parked.

Once I remember being lost in the parking lot in Disney World and after an hour or so, the security staff helped us find our car. I also remember parking in covered parking spaces, where once I went floor after floor, searching for my car..pressing the remote desperately hoping the car will scream and let me know where it is. (It took me almost 30 minutes that day in sub zero temperature, which makes it even worse!)

Finally, I have found a simple, yet very effective solution to this problem. Now a days, I just take a photo of the spot where I park the car, and forget about it.

How I remember where I parked

When I am done with the movie, I just check the photo from my phone and I know exactly where I parked.

Though I have been carrying a camera enabled phone for over five years now, only this year did I realize, I could use it to address this issue.

It works like a charm…as long as I do not lose my phone..so for now, I have one less thing to keep track of and am using the technology tools at my disposal to take care of that.

Let me know if you use your phone or any such device to help solve a problem that you have faced over a period of time.