Gold has been a safe haven for investors in the last ten years and it has resulted in its dream run. In fact, I had it in my top three investment opportunities in the past ten years.

If the information about Silver is to be taken at face value, the rate of growth of silver is far more higher than that of gold in the past two years.

There are many reasons for silver to go up at this pace:

1. All reasons mentioned about why gold prices have gone up, apply to silver too. (Eg. unstable global economy, safe havens, etc)

2. In addition, the quantity of silver left in this world is far less (less than 3%) than the quantity of gold left to be excavated from the mines. In other words, silver will be come a rare metal and will not be available in the market for regular consumption.

Given this situation, Silver might be a good investment opportunity to consider for me and hence I am planning to look into this in detail with more interest.

Note: As always, take your investment decisions on your own and never blame someone else (a.k.a. me) when you lose money on your investments. All comments given above are what I do and I intend to do.