Dennis Ritchie, the founder of C, passed away earlier this week. Not sure if many of you know, the IPhone Operating System is based on Dennis Ritchie’s core invention. Ritchie also co designed the UNIX operating System. He is most famous in Indian Universities as the book he wrote with Kernighan ‘The C Programming Language’ (popularly known as K&R) is used as the Bible for learning the C language. Since C is my favourite language, I have read this book many many times in the past. If you like Sachin’s cricketing skills, reading this book by a fan of C language can be compared to watching Sachin bat.

I cannot believe God took Steve Jobs away from us a few days back and Dennis Ritchie right after that. Is he building a new system up there, where he is leveraging Steve Jobs UI skills and Dennis Ritchie’s programming skills? Who is needed next? An expert administrator? I will gladly offer only the corrupt politicians in India. The non-corrupt politicians need not worry as I am only offering the corrupt ones 🙂