Having spent the last ten years managing money, I have noticed three significant investments, which have been a runaway success. Some of you might have had other investment options which were quite successful in the past, but the ones listed below are the ones where I have personally seen good returns.  Based on that experience, I am providing the details as much as possible on each one of them:

1. Gold
Gold has by far had the best growth in the past ten years. I started tracking it from when it was 275USD per ounce and now it is at 1370USD per ounce. Thats is a growth of almost five times in ten years. In reality, Gold as well as Silver has performed very well in the past ten years.

This is primarily due to the weakness in confidence among the masses on any single currency. As all the countries went through their ups and downs in the past ten years, people wanted to invest into a safe alternative that will make sure there is minimum risk and Gold fit the bill right.

2. Real Estate in India
As we all know, the real estate prices in India have sky rocketed in the past ten years to levels which were never seen before. If you had purchased a small three bedroom apartment in 2002 for 20 lakhs, it is worth over a crore now. That is also five times the value. Though the prices have dropped a little bit now, real estate investments still are at least four times more than the value of what they were ten years ago.
The demand for real estate grew as multi-national companies started expanding on outsourcing as well as starting their own branches in India. This led to a trigger in employment opportunities, bringing along with it a lot of demand for real estate, both in residential as well as commercial sectors.

3. Indian Stock Market
Indian Stock Market has seen unprecedented growth in the past ten years. Almost all stocks have gone up two or three times and some have actually gone up 10 times. In fact, the BSE Sensex index shown here is a simple proof of how Indian Stock Market has been a very lucrative investment opportunity.

Courtesy: Google Finance Website

With the country booming in the past ten years, people have started investing heavily in all sectors as the economy get growing at the pace of around 8% each year.

If you study the reasoning behind all three, you will realize that the need for safer investment alternatives have given way to these three areas producing the best results.

It will be very interesting to study along the same notes on what could be the next three investment opportunities for the next ten years.

I have a few in mind and I will be ready to disclose my three ideas to you if you can come up with one.

I will publish your idea here, but give mine to you personally and later publish mine after getting the inputs from everyone for the next 30 days.


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