Went to Moghul Express on Sunday night for dinner.

I have always thought Moghul Express is a place where they specialise in North Indian items. Earlier this year after a badminton tournament, one of my friends recommended this place and asked us to try out their South Indian varieties also. When we went that time, I did order Idly and Sambhar and realized they should have a good Chef who knows how to make tasty South Indian dishes.

This time, we tried many different varieties.

I got a plate of Methu Vada which came with two varieties of chutney as well as the sambhar. After trying their sambhar for the second time, I can say their sambhar is definitely on par or even better than the Saravana Bhavan sambhar.

We also got Bhel Poori, Dahi Poori and Chicken 65 for starters. All the items were really nice. We also got Chinese Noodles and a place of Paneer Tikka Masala. For dessert, I got my usual Falooda with ice cream, but I was not impressed with it. I feel Khasiyat on Oak Tree Road is the best one to make Falooda with ice cream – have not seen any one even come close to it. I also noticed ThumsUp 300ml drink and could not resist getting one – which brought back the fond memories of when the 250ml bottle was replaced with 300ml bottles and we used to have a bottoms up drinking challenge, which I have successfully done many times in the past.

Though Moghul Express is considered a fast food place, they do have a limited set of chairs and tables. They also have Indian music playing all the time, thus adding to the fine touch. If there was one thing I would like to comment on, it is their seating arrangements. Their food is so good and the expectations of the people are equally in favour of dining in, along with take outs, it might be better if they think and consider adding more tables and chairs – not sure how feasible it is.

Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience, just along the lines of what we expected. I would definitely recommend Mughal Express to any one who is in Oak Tree Road area.

Here is some background on Mughal Express. Mughal Express is a branch of the famous Moghul group of restaurants – they are in New Jersey in Oak Tree Road as well as Parsipany for over ten years now. They are considered one of the best in New Jersey for their original Moghul restaurant. After that, they opened Ming, a Indo Chinese restaurant in the same complex where they have their main restaurant. Right next to it, they have Mithaas, their sweets outlet, which is also quite popular and is full all the time.

Moghul Express is on Oak Tree Road itself, just adjacent to this Moghul-Ming complex, on the opposite side of Oak Tree Road.