I have the Blackberry 8900 for sometime now and had set it to normal mode all these days.


It used to ring while in normal mode and vibrate for any new email message. Since I do not like to have my phone ringing when I get a call, I set it to vibrate mode. Also, I did not want to have my device vibrate when a email comes in. I only wanted the device to vibrate on new calls – everything else should be silent.

Since vibrate mode did not cut it, I had set my phone to silent mode, but realized I have been missing many of the calls, which I intend to take.

There are a bunch of default profiles that come with the device: Normal, loud, silent, vibrate, phone only. Since none of these meet my needs, I did not know how to proceed.

Today, I found sometime to read the help and found out the solution: Creating a new profile.

It is quite straight forward.

1. Click on the profiles and the profiles list opens up.

2. Scroll down to the last option in it which says ‘Advanced’ and click it.

3. Now choose ‘New Profile’ and click it.

4. In this resulting screen, give a new name for your profile (eg. My Profile). Right below it, you can setup the tone to be used for each event, eg, messenger message, sms message, email message, phone, mms, etc.
Go through each event and choose your option and save it.

Now I am quite happy that my phone vibrates on new call and is silent at all other times. I should say that Blackberry has done a very good job on this feature.

Hope it helps the rest of you who are stuck with the same issue.