Got a chance to hear a podcast called Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman, who was one of the founders of LinkedIn.

Reid interviews founders who have managed to scale their business in an amazing way. 

I heard a few of the podcasts and am quite impressed with the wealth of information that these founders provide based on their experience during their journey.

I would highly recommend this podcast to any one who is working hard to make a difference in this world and would like to learn the art of scaling up from leaders like Mark Zuckerberg (FB), Brian Chesky (AirBnB), Reid Hastings (Netflix) etc.

My personal favourite so far is the one with Brian Chesky from AirBnB where he explains the 11 star experience that he suggests handcrafting with the users. I also like the way Brian switches between focusing on one consumer and scaling it up in a large manner – and then again switching back and forth between the two based on the need of the hour.

I intend to write a separate blog post about each episode. Hope it is useful to budding entrepreneurs.