Two years ago, I wrote about top three investment opportunities in the past ten years (2001 to 2010). They are gold, real estate and Indian stock market. At that point in time, as I was working with Citi, I stayed away from commenting about the stocks I held with Citi, to avoid any kind of conflict of interest. Now that I am no longer with Citi, I have decided to talk about the Citi stocks that I held from 2001 to 2007. Yes, I sold all of them in 2007 at 54.80USD per stock. Today, they are trading at an equivalent of 3.60USD per stock I had held.

These have been my top three investments in the past decade: Gold, Indian Real Estate and Citi. With some simple planning and good luck, they have been quite effective and had returned between five to ten times the investment value during a 10 year period.

In the past two years, I have invested a lot of time into trying to identify the next three best investment opportunities for myself for this decade (2011 to 2020).

Gold is not my choice of investment anymore (I mean I would not buy anymore, but keep what I have), as I expect the rate of growth in Gold in the next ten years to only be double of what it is right now, and will not grow five fold or ten fold as it did in the past ten years.

Indian Real Estate market does not interest me any more as I feel there is a major correction coming with the next ten years. India is not the preferred outsourcing destination anymore as the past ten years have proven that the rewards are far and few for companies trying to save money by outsourcing to India. Some US companies have smartly moved their operations from the major cities such as New York, Boston and Los Angeles to smaller towns such as Dallas, Buffalo, etc.

Citi is also not my choice of investment anymore – nor are any of the financial institutions in their current form, as they have to be restructured.

I have identified one investment opportunity so far….

Investing in my own initiatives

As I have now ventured out on my own online projects, I have decided to invest into my own India based initiatives in areas such as ecommerce, politics, sports, ads, etc.

Though I strongly believe 1000% in my initiatives, I am still keeping my eyes and ears open for two other opportunities to invest in, as I believe in keeping a diversified portfolio at all times. Will keep updating this post as and when I find new opportunities that match my expectations.

Note: As always, the information provided above is just based on my experience and is not for any decision making for your financial planning. Please consult your financial advisor before taking any financial decisions and neither me nor my blog is in no way responsible for your investment decisions.