I must be crazy


Oct 29, 2011

I watched this movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy and fell in love with it. I liked the click sound that the hero of the movie (Xi) has in his real name N!xau. This click sound is represented by ! Wikipedia has a good explanation of the examples of this:

Examples of these sounds familiar to English speakers are the tsk! tsk! (American spelling) or tut-tut (British spelling) used to express disapproval or pity, the tchick! used to spur on a horse, and the clip-clop! sound children make to imitate a horse trotting.

I wanted to see how I can implement it in my real life and so in any conference calls I attend, when the automated message says “Please say your name followed by the pound or hash sign”, I immediately say “! !” 🙂

I have been doing this for a few months now and thought should share it here. I know I must be crazy.

btw, I just realized I already have been using ! unknowingly in my name for many years now whenever I sign as YouKnowWho!

Anyway, if like to watch movies, do not miss The Gods Must Be Crazy 🙂


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