When I was a little kid, whenever I used to see greeting cards that say ‘Seasons Greetings’, I had no clue what it meant. I remember wondering what it was, as in Chennai we just had two seasons: sunny and rainy season and I was wondering who would ever greet someone for either of these seasons!

After coming to the US, I realized people use the words ‘Seasons Greetings’, ‘Happy Holidays’, etc to denote the November / December time frame, when we have the Thanksgiving time, the Christmas wishes, New Year, all coming around this time and hence the generalisation.

I remember some people use these general phrases to make sure they do not offend anyone who does not celebrate religious holidays during this time.

In any case, as I celebrate all holidays ( 🙂 ), I wish all of you seasons greetings, happy holidays and advance wishes for a happy new year 2011. I sincerely wish each one of you reading this blog success in whatever you put your efforts into.