After a break of about ten days, I am back to blogging now.

Just realized how my inclination to associate images to each blog post would prevent me from publishing my posts with just content that I type from my mobile.

One thing I did realize in these ten days is that blogging from a iPad or a Mac machine is definitely tough for a windows and ubuntu addict like me. I could not publish even one post from any of those devices due to my lack of image editing skills on those devices.

I do have a list of items to write about, starting from the wonderful movie I watched which is called My Name is Khan, my attempt to read and understand the Bhagavat Gita, my third attempt at Learning Chinese 🙂 , review of food at Chinese Mirch restaurant in New York, Harbhajan’s batting form, the inspirational images I took pictures of in the gym and the status of my attempt to Get Fit and Stay Fit.

Stay tuned.