Tech Crunch is a popular technology related website, which tries to give the latest news about venture capital fundings, trends, mergers and acquisitions, etc in technology. Mike Arrington is the founder of Tech Crunch who build it from ground up to a very good scale.

AOL has been in business in the US for over 10 years – they became very popular with their AOL mail and then their chat application, portals, etc. In the past few years AOL has been considered to have lost a huge market share, both on the email space as well as the other web properties space, to giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

During the Tech Crunch Disrupt event, an event that Tech Crunch hosts to discuss latest trends in technology, Mike Arrington announced that AOL has bought Tech Crunch – though the value is unknown it is rumoured at around 40 million US Dollars.

AOL already owns another very popular technology gadget site called EnGadget. Now they can proudly claim that they own two of the most popular technology news related websites in the world.

Though Mike Arrington had been claiming all these years that he loves his independence as he is his own boss, etc etc, now he is an employee of AOL, just like any other employee working in the corporate world. It will be very interesting to see if he sticks to AOL after their contract period (which will be typically three years or so from the date of acquisition).

I will continue to read Tech Crunch everyday, as it has been very useful to me, providing the latest insight into online technology trends. That is the reason why it is a part of my ‘Top Technology Tools‘ that I depend on every day.

Will keep updating on how this acquisition changes the style and the freedom with which Tech Crunch has been posting the breaking news and other events.