Samsung has announced the release of Galaxy Tab, which is Samsung’s answer to compete with iPad.

Android apps work on this phone – this means that the 80,000 Android Apps that are available, will work on this Galaxy Tab.

iPad does not have a phone feature. Galaxy Tab can be used as a phone, by connecting with a bluetooth enabled device.

iPad does not have a camera in it. Galaxy Tab has a front facing video which is something that iPhone 4 mentioned as a huge innovation.

PCWorld has done a good comparison of both the devices, and the screenshot is given below.

No matter what happens, unless Samsung Galaxy Tab can present the users with a user interface that can match or beat the user expectations on the usability.

This device is expected to be out in the market on 1-Nov-2010, so until then your guess is as good as mine 🙂

Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad - comparison - Click on the image to see it open in a larger window