I was thinking about all the activities I did in a 24 hour time period starting from friday night and ending on saturday night. It reminded me of my days in Chennai when I used to spend many days this way.

I watched Rajneeti movie on Netflix on Friday night after I realized it was available online. The next morning I went for my cricket match in the morning and as soon as I came back home, I had to take my son for his weekly swimming class. I spent a good hour in the swimming pool, while he was at his classes. We came back and had a nice lunch and I watched another movie called ‘Dear John’. Then took a nap and again went for a movie, this time to a theater to watch ‘Boss (A) Baskaran‘. In a 24 hour time period, I had watched three movies and also went for cricket and swimming. This was something I have not done in a long time and hence I thought I should write about it.

Has any one of you done something like this? Please dont tell me how you slept for 2 days together, etc. I am looking for variety in life experienced from your side. Let me know.