I have been called many times by these tele marketers claiming to represent some bank and they offer 60 days of free trial of some product or service, telling us that we can call and cancel within 60 days if we do not like their product or service.

I have always wondered and even asked many of these tele marketers if they have an ‘Opt In’ option, instead of this ‘Opt Out’ option. What do I mean by that? I mean, currently, if I accept their offer, within 60 days, I have to call and ‘Opt Out’ of their product or service. If I forget to do it, they will start billing me. I categorise this along with other unprofessional ways of doing business, where just because a consumer is forgetful, though they might not like the product or service, these companies try to take advantage of the laziness and charge them. What a scam!!!

I know they will claim that many consumers will love the product or service, and will not have the time to call, but will be disappointed if the service stops in 60 days. I understand fully about this section of consumers also.

The solution I am proposing is as follows:

Allow the consumers to have option of deciding
1. Whether they would like to try the product free for 60 days and if yes,
2. Give them an option if they want to have a ‘Opt In’ or ‘Opt Out’ confirmation towards the end of the 60 day trial period.

If they prefer ‘Opt In’ method, then the consumers will have to call within 60 days and confirm that they would like the service extended.
If they prefer ‘Opt Out’ method, then the consumers will have to call within 60 days and confirm if they would like the service to be cancelled.

These methods can be named as ‘Will Call To Continue Service’ and ‘Will Call to Cancel Service’ or something more self intuitive.

In both these methods, the usual reminders should go to the consumers towards the end of the trial period based on their choice of preference they said when they signed up.

I believe this will give the companies the level of confidence with the consumers that is lacking today when such tele marketers call. The way they start the call itself is: We are sending you this gift voucher along with a sixty day trial offer to use our service. In order to send this gift voucher, you have to confirm your address if you are still at “then they say my address”.
What nonsense????
Should you not be asking me first if I am interested in your offer? Just because consumers do not have the time to think, you think you can just trick us into this impulsive decision making?

I really wish these tele marketers switch to a more professional way of presenting their case, as I have received over 100 calls so far like this. Unfortunately it has just been an expense for the companies who are sponsoring these calls as I make it a point to talk to each tele marketer at least for five minutes or so and explain to them the points that I believe are not clear in what they are trying to sell me.

If you really want me to buy your service or product, why dont you try presenting the way mentioned above, which actually might result in a sale.